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Adina Nerghes

network analysis


Melvin Wevers

evolution of ideas

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Global Apple Pie

Global apple pie investigates the relationship between sugar import and export and recipes as well as opinions on health.

Mining Wages in Nineteenth Century Newspaper Job Advertisements

This projects aims to computationally extract job advertisements from the nineteenth century digitized newspapers provided by the Dutch National Library.

Amsterdam Time Machine

The Amsterdam Time Machine is a digital commons for the history of Amsterdam. DHLab is involved in modelling and mapping Amsterdam’s linguistic history together with researchers from the Meertens Institute.


EviDENce explores new ways of analysing and contextualising historical sources by applying event modelling and semantic web technologies.

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Invited talk by Marieke van Erp at the VOGIN-IP-LEZING - Zoeken en Vinden 2019 in Amsterdam. 27.000 Recepten vinden in 8 miljoen …

Invited talk by Marieke van Erp at the 8th AIUCD Conference 2019 – ‘Pedagogy, teaching, and research in the age of Digital Humanities’ …


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