Marijke van Faassen (Huygens ING) is a historian and a senior researcher at the Huygens ING. Her research focuses on political and institutional history, international relations and migration history. She coordinates the project Migrant, Mobilities and Connection, a collaboration between Dutch and Australian historians and literary scholars of Huygens ING, Edith Cowan University and HOME-centre Perth. She is partner in the 4-year Dutch-Australian Shared Cultural Heritage Project 2018-2021, together with the National Archives The Hague and the National Archives Australia. Previously she has been editor in chief of various analogue and digital source publications. In 2014 she was awarded her PhD on the Dutch emigration governance system Polder en Emigratie and the online research guide Emigration 1945-1967 ( In 2016 she received a NIAS-Lorentz grant to organize a 5-day international workshop on Migrant ®e-collections with data scientist, digital humanities experts and cultural heritage institutions, together with Rik Hoekstra.