P-25: Semantic Deep Mapping in an Integrated Platform for Studying Historical Amsterdam


The contributors to this panel are jointly developing an integrated platform to present historical information about people, places, relations, events, and objects in its spatial and temporal context, focusing on the city of Amsterdam. The web of data on the history of Amsterdam is created by systematically linking existing datasets from social and humanities research with municipal and cultural heritage data, where possible in the form of Linked Open Data. Recently, a first proof of concept was developed that connects linked data from the Amsterdam cultural heritage institutions and various scholarly research projects to a GIS infrastructure that provides the historical geographical and topological context for these linked datasets. This panel focuses on the use of this framework as an infrastructure for scalable digital humanities research, illustrated by an infrastructure paper and four case studies from the domain of linguistics, history and media studies, and a response by a discussant.

DH2019, Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, the Netherlands